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Assembly of electronic and mechatronic products

At its location near Pilsen in the Czech Republic, SBS-Nepron manufactures customer-specific electronic controllers for a broad range of applications in accordance with strictest quality standards. On roughly 5000 square metres of ESD protected production floor space, SBS-Nepron is specialised in the assembly of electronic modules and products which are finally used in automotive, household, health and industry applications.

Our core area of business includes manual and semi-automatic assembly of electronic and mechatronic products in large lot quantities with volumes of more than 70,000 units per day. Assembly also includes packaging, soldering, bonding, encapsulating, screwing, painting and labelling.

We also manufacture cable harnesses in small to mid-sized lot quantities with cable cutting and insulation stripping machines, automatic tape armouring machines and various crimping processes with 100% crimp force monitoring.



Renowned Customers

Components manufactured by SBS-Nepron can be found in the products or renowned manufacturers. The company with roughly 320 employees has been certified since 2005 in accordance with ISO9001:2009 and since 2012 in accordance with ISO-TS16949. Beyond this, SBS-Nepron has been successfully audited by P&G in accordance with the QAKE standard.


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