BURGERGRUPE – Seit 75 Jahren man im eigenen Wasserkraftwerk elektrische Energie, die Photovoltaikanlage produziert Strom mit Sonnenkraft.

Burger has been generating electrical power for 75 years at the Schonach location with its own hydroelectric power plant amounting to roughly 0.53 GWh per year. The photovoltaic system generates an additional 0.22 GWh of electrical energy each year with solar power.

Certified energy management – For the sake of the environment

The energy revolution, efficient use of resources and the changeover to renewable sources of energy are issues which the BURGER GROUP has been pursuing vigorously for years – for the sake of the environment, and in order to reduce costs.  

However, generating energy from natural resources does not automatically equate with using it efficiently. And that’s why we operate an e-power system which makes it possible for us to reduce overall current consumption by about 5 or 6%. With annual power consumption of just under six million kWh, this amounts to a reduction of an additional 300.000 kWh per year.



Continuous optimisation

In addition to reduced current consumption, one of the positive side-effects of this system is a decrease in the amount of maintenance required in our production systems:
by levelling out current peaks, the machines run more smoothly which minimises stressing of their electronic components. Furthermore, our production department is continuously optimised with the latest technologies, for example energy-saving motor technology, heat recovery systems and efficient cooling units.

We’ve also equipped our company with state-of-the-art LED lighting technology: in comparison with our previous lighting system, we generate savings of roughly 40%.

Our Certifications at a Glance...

Energie Management


The BURGERGROUP is leading brand name, SBS-Feintechnik in Schonach, is already covering 14.5% of its own energy requirements with in-house generated electrical power.