SBS-Feintechnik ist Weltmarktführer bei der Fertigung von Kuckucksuhrwerken

High quality clock technology from the Black Forest

We’ve been occupied with clocks since the company was first established as a foundry in 1856 – as a member of the BURGERGROUP, SBS-Feintechnik is one of the Black Forest’s oldest clock component factories! Our clockworks enjoy a special reputation all over the world – with good reason: their outstanding quality and chronometric accuracy have allowed us to evolve into the world’s leading manufacturer of cuckoo clockworks.

Not only have we been involved with mechanical clockworks right from their very beginnings, we continuously make decisive contributions to their further development as well. We manufacture and assemble all of the parts ourselves. Outstanding Burger quality is verified by the “Genuine Black Forest Cuckoo Clock” certificate of authenticity issued by the Black Forest Clock Association.

Fully mechanical clockworks for wall clocks and household clock from SBS are distinguished by a number of subtleties: Westminster chimes, moon phases or Graham works– all in brass and steel.

We make it happen!