BURGERGROUP – modulare Steller nah an der Eigenentwicklung

01_From the base technology to customised production

> Modular actuators
> Close to in-house R&D
> High degree of individualisation


Reduce your time-to-market – SBS-Feintechnik has the solution: thanks to numerous expansion stages, our modular system technology makes condensed engineering possible with reasonable R&D costs, and thus ensures quick availability of individually configured actuators.

Appropriate intelligence, performance as required by the customer, variable interfaces, fall-safe, ideal integration into installation spaces and materials selected to fulfil the actual requirements: the modular approach is diverse with regard to the selection of various materials as well (steel, plastic), and control flexibility (with/without PCB). Profit from our decades of experience in the development and production of drive solutions.

Best practice – especially for mid-sized manufacturing lots. We keep things moving!



  • Quick availability
  • Reasonable development costs
  • Variable interfaces
  • Fall-safe
  • Ideal integration into installation spaces

Modular actuators cover

Modular actuators circuit board

Modular actuators standing and lying

02_Actuators with spur gear systems

SBS spur-gear actuators assure high speeds with extremely good positioning accuracy, optimised efficiency and a long service life. They travel quickly and precisely to any desired intermediate position as well. A high-resolution angular displacement encoder, extremely leak-proof and an integrated fall-safe function for a current-free safety position are just a few of the numerous features.



  • Extremely good positioning accuracy
  • Optimised efficiency
  • High-resolution angular displacement encoder
  • Extremely leak-proof
  • Fall-safe for a current-free safety position

Stirnradsteller Deckel

03_Actuators with worm gear systems

The proportionately large amount of plastic reduces weight tremendously and even the smallest of installation spaces suffices: screw actuators from SBS-Feintechnik are suitable for all motion tasks which demand high drive torque. They consume very little energy in order to retain the selected position and they’re distinguished by smooth running characteristics.



  • Enormously reduced weight
  • Extremely small installation space
  • High drive torque
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Very smooth operation

SBS-Feintechnik Aktuator mit Schneckengetriebe