BURGERGROUP – Einzelteile aus Kunststoff

Individual Plastic Parts

Whether gear wheels, screws, spindles, gear racks, housings or belt wheels are involved – if you need precision injection moulded parts, complete modules or systems, KBS is your reliable partner.

For the BURGER GROUP, precision injection moulded parts are gearing components which we manufacture either on the basis of a drawing provided by the customer, or as in-house developed gears/products – usually as part of a complex drive unit.

  • We produce your customer-specific injection moulded parts from all engineering and high-performance plastics using single and multi-component processes in weights ranging from 0.1 to 200 g.
  • Diverse production options are available: in addition to plastic gears, we also manufacture housing components, motor flanges etc.

pfeil gruen Convince yourself of KBS-Spritztechnik’s production capabilities which are extraordinary in every respect.