BURGERGROUP – Gelebte Synergie in der Antriebstechnik

Living synergies

Everybody’s talking about synergies – we live them! We’ve been developing. optimising and refining our innovative, customer-specific drive solutions for 160 years! As a system supplier, we now offer a spectrum of products for industry sectors ranging from traditional cuckoo clockworks to medical technology, machinery and equipment manufacturing, household technology and building management, right on up to the automotive industry.

Tradition united with inventiveness: The reliable ticking of our cuckoo clocks is just as important for us as the smooth, automated opening and closing motion of car doors and the quiet, steady whirring of our drives in kitchen and household appliances. We set our products into motion!

As a system supplier for customer-specific drive technology, essential constituents of our philosophy include product diversification, high levels of vertical manufacturing integration and holistic solutions.



Hermann-Burger-Straße 31
D-78136 Schonach

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FLAG_Canada.jpg  In North America, please contact our company SBS Drivetec Inc.